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Monday, June 04, 2007

Well it's not exactly a clear picture- but I like it. Isn't the corset yummy? One of my regulars, a certain vacuum-ashtray subbie gifted me with it & a half a dozen other equally yummy new outfits.
Mistress is battling some evil allergies at the moment. This entry will be short- it's purpose is to let those who are not members of my yahoo group know that there are many changes happening in Mistress's dungeon & universe- should you wish to keep abreast of these changes, sign up for the yahoo group :)
More soon when the pollen count drops...
Peace & Purple Welts
Mistress Cassidy

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's been a minute...
Let's see, what's new with Mistress?
Well my website is down :( I forgot to renew it months ago, finally got around to renewing it back in January or so and haven't done anything with it since. Must move it to the top of the To Do List! Oh wait, there's 101 items on the top already- oops
What else? I am editing & sprucing up my yahoo group. Weeding out inactive members and trying to create a more intimate & personal vibe for those who remain. If you'd like to stay current with Mistress, join below.

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Sessioning has been moderately busy. Mistress is slowly moving away from new-to-me subbies, and focusing on her favorite regular submissives. It's less stressful for Mistress and much more fun.
Dozens of new gadgets have been added to my collection. Assorted new bondage gear, a cupping set, suction toys, dozens of new fetish outfits :) and all sorts of clips- widgets & what-knots. If you've been waiting to book your first session, now is the time.
Mistress is considering offering fetish videos and clips through www.clips4sale.com and www.images4sale.com. Once Mistress has set-up a store, I'll post the links here and on the yahoo group. If interested in acting Mistress's films, please drop me an email xtctopaz@yahoo.com

In my day life things have been quite nice. Earlier this week Mistress took a mini-vacation to visit a very good friend up North. The weather was beautiful, the time with my friend was fabulous and Mistress came home refreshed & invigorated. Now there's an item that really should be moved to the very top of my To Do List: Take More Vacations!
School is wrapping up in less than a month. This year has just flown by! Mistress must wrap up a few assignments, asap. I'm giving myself a short break, before my summer classes start. This summer, I'll be taking a couple of less demanding programs so as not to burn out before the real work of next year's program starts. This summer's classes will be in areas I feel compliment my final goal, but aren't birth specific. There's a short nutrition program, and an introduction to accupressure program planned. Next year will be my advanced midwifery program, and possibly an internship in El Paso, Texas. Busy-Busy-Busy will be next year's theme!
There have been a couple other changes in Mistress's day life but Mistress isn't quite ready to share the news just yet. Be sure to check back, I promise to share soon :)
Peace and purple welts my little bitches.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mistress's Menagerie
Mistress had been starting to feel a bit burnt-out with sessions lately. Well no, not so much with sessions per say; but with some of the asshats that contact me pretending to be interested in sessioning. It's among the reasons you'll get an attitude when you contact me via phone. My ads all state to contact me via email, xtctopaz@yahoo.com. I include my phone number at all, for that rare, geniune sub who can not place calls from his home for whatever reason. At least 90% of those who call instead of emailing, are not that sub. They are time wasters at best, and jerks more often. I run an ad on eros.com. It states quite clearly what is offered. It should be assumed if it's a common fetish, and NOT listed; it's not available. For example, goldens. Mistress realizes that they are very popular among some subs, but I just can not perform on demand like that, and I do not offer them.If I did, I would obviously include them in my ad. Now right next to my ad, are ads from several beautiful, skilled & versatile Mistresses who state quite clearly that they do offer goldens, or even Roman showers. Call them. I know them by reputation only, but their reputations are outstanding, and if they offer what you want of course that's who you should call. Instead, while busy enjoying my day I will get a heavy breathing caller, asking in gory, graphic detail if I will make an exception and give him a golden or roman shower. I have a theory. I think these time wasters are scoping the ads specifically to find what isn't offered, calling with their pathetic little ****s in their hands and hoping I will berate them, free-of-charge by phone. Now of course, a polite, non-invasive, email asking if I offer something that isn't mentioned is a different matter entirely. Being the flighty creature I am, perhaps it's something I haven't tried yet but would be willing to use you as a giunea pig to try out. Or perhaps it's not a common request, but a fave activity of mine. Ad space is expensive, I don't list every little, off-beat, idea I have. The difference is the method and the tone of the question. I read my emails when I choose to, so of course it's not interupting me to send one.
I have had more than the average of these calls lately. I have also had more than the average amount of pretend subs calling or emailing. Setting up a session, but not confirming. Or worse, setting up, confirming and not showing or calling to cancel. Ok, there was only 1 of those recently. But one is way too many. Mistress's time is precious. The hour you booked is actually an hour or more of getting myself prepared, the time preparing my space, the time preparing any specifics you requested, and the time spent confirming your appointment. An hour of sessioning is at least 3 hours with prep and clean-up. The list of things I would rather do, than waste my time, is infinite.
My regular subs, please do not think that any of this rant is directed at you. If I know you already, you are welcome to call to see if I have a last minute cancelation, or even to just say hello. In the professional domination setting, it's difficult to do the follow-up and aftercare a good session should have. I like to hear your feedback from your session. If there is ever a post-session problem, say a bruise that isn't fading or a reaction to my lotions, I want to help you resolve those issues. Mistress does not want to ever invade your vanilla world, so I don't feel it's appropriate for me to call post-session to make those inquiries.
Thankfully, I had the most perfect session yesterday. I swear I was about one jerk away from retiring my flogger. I want to post some of the highlights, so that my subs & new-to-me-subs can see my expectations are not unreasonable and put some of these suggestions into practice. Now Mr.Exhibitionist is a long time friend, and repeating sub. Note that I put friend before sub, it denotes which is more valued by me. I was sent an email on Sunday; a hello, birthday wishes and inquiring about something we had tried to plan recently. Here's an idea, if I have shared info from my vanilla world with you, it's shows I was comfortable in your session, and that I liked you as a person. If you remember to ask me how whatever I shared with you worked itself out, it will impress me. Mistress is as appreciative of being remembered as anyone else. Now Mr.Ex and I chatted for a bit, and after social niceties were out of the way he asked if I had any last minute openings. A time was set, and of course he showed up at the agreed to time. If you will be more than 5 minutes late, a call is appropriate. Let's remember that Mistress is a parent in the real world, worrying is part of my DNA. I do not wish to imagine your bloody, demise in a horrific accident while in route to a session with me. Back to my great session. Mr.Ex was well groomed, smelled fresh and was carrying a gorgeous array of long stem orange roses. He appreciated the smile that was bestowed on him, and told me so. We spent time chatting, he politely told me that something from the last session was too much and asked if I could turn down the intesity of it should I wish to do it again. He updated me about things that had changed since last session that would effect our session. For example, if you suddenly developed an allergy since last session; that's info I need to know. Your safety is my hands, I need the data to make good choices for you. The session continued, and it was fun, intense, and more than enjoyable for me. Mr Ex was exhausted at the end of it, which I will take as proof that he enjoyed his session as much as I did.
Thankfully, most of my sessions go just as nicely. I used Mr Ex as my example, just because it was fresh in my memory. Those little things are all that's needed for a session to go from being good to being great for both of us. Mistress loves what she does. On so many levels being a dominatrix is just a dream career for me. I meet wonderful people. I am expected to indulge myself in all things girly, fun, feminine and beautiful. Pedicures aren't a special treat, they're a work-related expense :) My schedule is as flexiable as I need it to be. I get to act out my own fantasies, fetishes and kinks. And at the risk of exposing how big my ego is, I feel like I help my subs to work through both vanilla & bdsm issues in a safe & nurturing enviroment. I don't want a couple of jerks to change how much I enjoy this. I'm thankful Mr. Exhibitionist's timing was perfect and remind me of all of the positives of being Mistress Cassidy......

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day 7 of Atkins- I'd give my eye teeth for some real chocolate, with real sugar. I was going to cheat yesterday. I purchased a peanutbutter cup- the bastard was stale. One bite, just enough to tease my taste buds and I tossed the rest. I tried to meet my itch with atkins friendly peanutbutter cookies. They sucked. So I'm eating Skippy with a spoon & wishing it was something a little sweeter.It's ok- do you see how good that vinyl skirt looks on my profile? That feels better than chocolate tastes.
I've had a couple of great sessions in the past week. First a vacuum-slut, whom we could also call McGiever. He created both a wicked vacuum attachment & a pretty sweet vacu-bed. Considering the vacubeds Mistress has priced start at about 350, I'd say his $30ish version was pretty nice. I've posted pictures of the vacubed on the yahoo group, I may post the pictures of the gadget too. It had 5 rather nifty attachments, to be used at the same time- I'll leave you to your imaginations to figure out how they are used. The best part, he hooked it up to a remote controlled starter! How sweet- I stood behind him, flicking it on & off, watching him squirm and having a great time. We also did some extreme smoke play, a high favorite of Mistresses. It reminds me of my first love, whom I use to 'shot-gun' a little something-something with back in the day when Mistress still par-toked of a little something-something. Too bad it just gives me the munchies now.
I also awarded another "property" tag to a new-to-me subbie. Incrediably sweet, devoted and a fun first session. It's a rare occasion that Mistress presents a tag at a first session. Actually, truth be told, it's rare that I award them at all because I forget they are sitting gathering dust in my jewelry box. But anyways- this new sub earned his tag. I look forward to seeing him again soon.
And there's much new- news in Mistress's personal life. But unfortunetly only inner-circle collared subbies can be privy to the goings-on in the vanilla world. Suffice it to say, Mistress has made all sorts of huge changes in her life & I am pretty thrilled with all of them. I can listen to Billy Joel as loud as I wish and sleep across my king size bed if I damm well please.
I still feel as though I am shouting in the wind here- Mistress likes feedback & comments. I know several readers have sent email responses to what I have written but I want comments posted HERE.
Peace & purple welts my little bitches....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's been almost a year since I have written anything here.
See what happens when you do not comment Mistress's entries?
Blah- whatever. I feel like babbling and I see someone did leave a comment. Good boy pat. Now when are you going to take care of Mistress's yard?hmmm?
The Libertine, picture that way<---- really wasn't all that of a movie. But Johnny Depp's little opening dialogue... Mistress was melting. He's ready for it all the time ::swoons:: So is Mistress Cassidy;) Mr.Depp if you are a secretly a xdressing, foot worshipping, masochist with a smoking fetish; drop me a line....
Blah. Mistress is so bored.
Did ya'all here about this little worm, Jason Fortuny, on craigslist? He pretended to be a sub woman looking for a dom, then posted all of the responders emails, addresses,photos, numbers and assorted other personal info. Mistress had smoke coming out of her ears when she read about it. May karma bless you with all you deserve.
Mistress is listening to a CD she thought she had lost ages and ages ago...if one of my subbies can name this tune & artist, I will give them 200 cool points- here's the quote "Is it my turn to wish you were lying here. I tend to dream you when I’m not sleeping." Mistress is missing someone fiercely, so the song is on continuous loop at the moment. Imagine, there is a male in the universe who could let Me miss them. Silly.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Is anyone home?
I know I haven't posted in quite some time, but where are my comments when I did? Aren't you waiting, holding your breath and longing for my next update?
Well-fuck ya if you aren't :P This journal is for Me.
I've been so busy these past few weeks. When it hasn't been exhausting, it's been great. I've met some wonderful new subbies I expect to session with again & again. I've seen some old, loyal, long time favorites. I was showered with beautiful and thoughtful gifts for My birthday. The dungeon is close to finished, little things are all that's left.
Little things and the freaking heat. There must be an electrician among my followers. Speak up, speak up! The heat in my dungeon works when it chooses to; and doesn't respond to threats of a good paddling. I'm using a space heater which is making the utility company rich and it burnt up one of my favorite toys.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The sessions from the site are rolling in now. Mistress has just been swamped this week. In between sessions the work on the dungeon continues. One wall has been done in the Venetian plaster. It looks great, but it was much more work than I thought it would be.
Yesterday was very busy. A diapered phone subbie to start off the day. Mistress sent him out for his day wearing his diapers. After that I had a gentle domination session. FYI, Mistress does have a softer side and doesn't expect all her subbies to be pain sluts. Feather dusters, finger nails, and fur can torment just as nicely as paddles, hair brushes and floggers.
The grand finale to my hectic day was a very sweet, very fun, very masochist subbie with a great accent ;) Mistress worked up a nice cardio beat walloping his bottom and thighs. He had a great & unique idea for the theme of his session. He was possessed by an evil spirit that made him think dirty thoughts about beautiful women. In general Mistress frowns upon scripts, I'd be an actress if I wished to work with scripts. However, Mistress LOVES originality and creativity; accented-subbie earns 500 cool points for both.
There's more to that session I intend to share with you little worms; but Mistress must shower and prepare for a her next appointment. Volunteers to drink my bath water?